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Best wishes 2019

Best wishes 2019

In addition to our sincere wishes of health and happiness for 2019, here are some news about Flex ventures.

For those who are familiar with the synthetic lyrism of operational acronyms, SNAFU described pretty accurately Flexboardz/FlexScoot status in the last years : basically, in spite of repeated demand from enthousiast customers (thanks again to them), I was unable to gather the factories, toolings, stock,.. necessary to deliver products. Lot of time, work and hope have been wasted this way without other result that worsening the situation.

Lately, an addition of small improvements (technological, commercial, logistical, legal, ...) in factories/suppliers/clients network, slowly improved the FU situation. So, it is now possible to produce Flex, at small scale, for "niche markets"  like E-Flexboardz and seated FlexScoot for reduced mobility/senior clients.

To quote an old soldier, it's not the end (of snafu), it's not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

We'll keep you posted in 2019.