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FlexScoot 2015 model (left) and 2014 (right). 2016 version will be available soon (you can still see it in the Flexseat vidéo below) :

Presentation of FlexSeat model together with the concept of "Flexible Mobility " based on the ergonomics of the "semi-standing" position " ... and its merits compared with the existing mobility scooters.The video below is an attempt to explain the functioning of the proprioceptive reflexes of our basin (which keeps us standing unconsciously ) and a demonstration of its utility for mobility even when obstruction legs of the user

As the technical details of the reduced mobility are not necessarily exciting, the video below just shows the usefulness of a FlexSeat in everyday life , in all circumstances , and even much more ... perhaps even too much as too many spectators did not understand that he was a senior scooter ...

Few short videos displaying different applications of the FlexScoot :

To conclude, these 2 videos explain our history and our boardriding origin. That's the best explication of the our "difference"