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Best wishes 2019

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voeux 2019

Enjoy The Ride in 2017

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Season’s greetings and best wishes for a new year that fills your heart with joy. Happy New Year!


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Technologiquement et industriellement, FlexScoot est le fils plus ou moins spirituel de FlexBoardz, une marque de planches à roulettes (skateboard/mountainboard) qui a développé, au début des années 2000, la technologie des roues indépendantes inclinables.


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FlexSeat 2016 video: an explanation of the Active Mobility Concept and a demonstration of its abilities to help your mobility and your freedom through ususal obstacles, inside your house or outside, in the streets, sidewalks,...


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Among all the opportunistic promotions, the Golf Cart video is a classic one. FlexScoot lends itself successfully to the exercise of compulsory figures...
A victim of its chronic instability , the tricycle was condemned to disappear from the roads until the arrival of the Piaggio MP3 scooter in the early 2000s .Simply bowing in corners like a motorcycle , tricycle finally reconciles stability at low and high speed.


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During the first tests of FlexSeat (seated model) ,we were surprised by the efficiency of its road behavior : a real racing machine , even if it is not her vocation. The FlexSeat seems to directed by a simple hips movement even more surely than standing up (......


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Flexscoot 2015 video. Improved frame, new batteries, more autonomy, less weight, more fonctional ... and still Fun !


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Maybe you do not know the details of the Segway history : a great idea, "diverted" from its original purpose, which manage to cause the fall a President of the United States,of the best sprinter of the world and unfortunately the death of its CEO. In the late 90s, Dean...


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FlexSeat, the seated version of the FlexScoot, is much more than a simple accessory. Thanks to its amazing stability, it opens a new area to personal mobility...
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